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Kootenay Project

Lardeau Property


The Lardeau property covers 1444 Ha  west of the Lardeau River, covering prospective Index and Jowett Formation rocks. The heavily vegetated area contains three B.C. RGS Ni-Co anomalies (95th percentile) and two lesser anomalies. Limited reconnaissance work along the access roads at Lardeau has identified listwanite float in the creeks with anomalous nickel silt samples. Listwanite is an alteration product of nickel-bearing ultramafic rocks, similar to the talc and actinolite schists found at Ledgend. Ultramafic rocks are also associated with the massive sulphides at the Standard showing. Most of the creeks are perpendicular to the dominant northwest trend of the geology and are ideal for detailed (200m spaced) silt sampling.

Cardero collected 126 silt samples at approximately 200-metre spacing from the numerous small creeks which cut across the regional geological trend in the fall of 2017. Three drainages (Deep, Deception, and Mat creeks) returned highly anomalous Ni (>100 ppm), Co (>30 ppm) and Cu (>50 ppm) values, over up to three kilometres of their length.

Cardero intends to fly helicopter-borne aeromagnetic survey over the Lardeau claim. Base metal mineralization is expected to be associated with pyrrhotite, which has a strong magnetic signature. New logging roads are also planned for this area and will aid in access for prospecting and geochemical sampling.

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